How to Take A Break with our Local Only Paper!

Hello new prospective customers, our business is all about YOU and your local customers.
We only allow local ads in our publications from San Diego to San Francisco, we believe that local
consumers should shop at their local area insurance company as opposed to traveling out of town
someplace else.

Now, yes we are in American and you can do whatever you want to do with your time. If you wanted to drive
one hour to buy a pizza, well it’s your time after all. But we have found that when you provide customers
a good organized view of their local businesses they will shop there instead of traveling out of their way.

Time is short and even shorter in California, we all know this. We are not saying that Take A Break Paper is
the only way to advertise it’s just one more way to potentially advertise to your local friends and neighbors, people
that you would expect to buy from you but may not even know you exist.

Ronald Goldman

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